Written by Sophie Plitz

It’s one of those things you just have to see and do once in your lifetime. You’ll never fully understand the grand scale or how challenging it is until you are walking it… and imagining just how did they manage to complete it!

One of the greatest travel memories I have comes from early December 2014. After finishing up the last of our HSC exams, my friend Jason and I spontaneously booked a flight to China to visit our friend Madi. With our Mandarin phrase book in hand, we arrived in Shanghai and experienced a complete culture shock to say the least.

We stayed in Shanghai for 12 days, before the three of us took a bullet train to Beijing, the countries capital. Here we got to experience the Great Wall of China, which is undoubtedly my greatest travel memory. Seeing, touching and experiencing the Great Wall was unlike anything Jason or I had ever imagined. Although one of many trips up the Great Wall for Madi, this clear winters day generously allowed for a spectacular view of the countryside and town that resides in the Walls shadow.

Great wall

After walking a couple of kilometres, taking many hundreds of photos, Jason and I losing a glove and experiencing what was a very cold Beijing day without it, we mounted our bobsleds at the top of the wall. Joking with the supervisor that we come from the country with the kangaroos and witnessing his pitiful attempt at impersonating one, we were released one by one. As the Wall disappeared behind us we took in the last of the magnificent view, which to this day, nothing has come close to competing with.