Written by Annabella Packer

Last year I spent 6 months travelling the world and I absolutely adored my time in South East Asia, especially in a tiny little country called Laos. It’s absolutely stunning. So here are two of my favourite places that you need to put on your South East Asia List!

Luang Prabang, Laos

An ancient town in Northern Laos, Luang Prabang was one of the most beautiful and relatively untouched destinations I visited in South East Asia. Tall mountains encircle the tiny town with the Mekong River running through the middle.Laos2

My favourite part of Luang Prabang was visiting the Kuang Si Waterf
all, approximately
30km from town. Tuk Tuk is the best way to reach the falls (awesome way to travel and relatively inexpensive too). On arrival you’ll be met with bright turquoise water that cascades down limestone ledges. As you walk further up the falls you’ll reach a large swimming lagoon and even further the main waterfall which runs out of the jungle.

Although Luang Prabang is fairly quiet there is a strange and fun nightlife scene – just take a walk along the Mekong River and you will find men selling Loas Snake Whisky! Give it a go!

Utopia Bar is a quiet and relaxed lounge with beach volleyball and tropical gardens situated on the edge of the river, which is a great place to meet fellow travelers and relax to watch the sun go down. As the night escalates the party is taken to the Luang Prabang bowling alley (by tuk tuk of course!) which is the only place to serve liquor after curfew. It’s a bowling alley except everyone there also enjoys a cheeky dance and the party vibe is strong.

Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is an extraordinarily beautiful town located in the Vientiane Province (approximately 4hrs by bus from the Capital).  The town itself isn’t much more than a three streets and a bus station however it is situated on the edge of the Nam Song River, and is surrounded by high cliffs and mountains.Vang ViengThe town is full of like-minded travellers and is both a beautiful place to explore and relax. Popular activities include renting scooters or bikes and riding to the ‘Blue Lagoon’, which is an extraordinarily blue waterhole in the middle of the jungle and a great place to kick back and relax, play volleyball or trek up the surrounding mountain.

Other popular activities include kayaking, trekking and caving. The caving was incredible; we floated on tubes while being pulled down an extensive pitch black cave hollowed into the cliffs by our tour guide.

Another popular and extremely fun activity in Vang Vieng is the well-known bar tubing which hundreds of people do each day. You get dropped off at the furthest bar upriver with nothing but a floating tube, your bathers and plenty of other fun loving travelers. Here you play games, have a few drinks and meet new people before climbing aboard your tube and floating downriver to the next bar.