Written by Monique Thompson

We all go through stages in life where we lose track of our selves, some more than others. Be it a break up or simply just a bad couple of months, travel is the perfect remedy to help you reconnect with yourself. You can switch off as soon as you board that plane, leave your worries at home and truly focus on yourself. Be selfish.


1. Meeting New People

Visiting local bars, cafes or even transportation there are many ways to meet new people. Connecting with people can provide you with a clearer vision of the wider world, and provides you with an opportunity to meet long term friends.

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2. Learn about your inner self

Travelling allows you to experience things you never have before. It brings a new side of you out, it allows you to realize what you love, hate, want and don’t want. It inspires you to do better and to make changes. These discoveries can help you when you return home as well.

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3. No Social Media

Social media takes over our lives. Spending time repetitively Facebook scrolling or browsing Instagram detracts from achieving your own goals. Sure, social media provides you with inspiration however holidaying without it allows you to take a break and experience the location you are in without distraction. And if you seriously can’t do two weeks without it, how about at least just a long weekend!

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4. Learn a new way of life

Developing new skills, new languages or even seeing a new way of life is great for the mind. It allows of us to reevaluate, take a step back and see how other people work, learn and live. You will learn new skills including navigating streets and public transport systems. You will learn to cook new food, learn about other culture and if you are lucky you can learn to speak a new language


5. Self belief

That initial thought of the place you want to go, then stepping into a STA Travel Store, to then booking the trip is such an achievable confidence booster. You will realise soon that you can achieve absolutely anything if you set your mind to it. You will find that you will learn you can overcome any challenges that come your way.


Everyone needs to be a little bit like Queen B, so get out there, discover yourself, switch the eff off and travel this giant world! See our deals for more inspiration.