Meet Yasmin Coutinho from Uni of WA. You’ll find Yasmin over looking an incredible view after finishing one hell of a trek. 

A bit about yourself: Brazil born but bred in the UK – which means you can always find me in flip flops or enjoying a game of soccer! I’m an adventure seeker with a soft side – I love hiking, snorkelling and cliff jumping, but am also a sucker for sunsets and sleeping under the stars. I really do believe that “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!”

Yasmin CoutinhoFavourite travel destination:
Anywhere I can go island hopping and tan under palm trees! Thailand, Indonesia and the Greek Archipelago are amongst my favourites!

Dream travel destination: A road trip across the USA with friends! Maybe the full length of Route 66 with a pit stop to party at Coachella!

Hotel or Hostel? Depends on what type of trip I’m on! For a romantic getaway with a partner just to relax by the pool, I definitely prefer a nice hotel or resort. But, for partying and meeting new people on a backpacking budget, hostels are without a doubt the way to go! Personally, I like mixing it up between the two on any trip!

Top travel tip: Be spontaneous! Planning ahead and research a place is very wise, but also the best moments travelling for me have been the impromptu decisions, or unexpected detours! Don’t be scared of trying new things, and be confident with meeting new people and taking tips from other travellers!