Meet Tom Barter from Sydney Uni. You’ll find him exploring somewhere new, doing something extreme and always striking up a conversation. 

A bit about yourself: My name is Tom and I have a passion for getting off the
beaten track, doing new and exciting things and meeting new people. I have travelled to many places of the world and would like to continue to extend these experiences further. I play the bagpipes and have for 5 years and have a passion for music and the arts. I love sport and the outdoors, I coach a school soccer team and compete in endurance type racing including triathlons and running festivals as well as surfing for enjoyment.Tom Barter

Favourite Travel Destination: Why? The beach! Anywhere on the coast I am down for. Hailing from Newcastle, I am used to having a board under my arm, so anywhere salty is perfect.

Dream Travel Destination: Why? I would love to spend some more time on the Greek islands! I really enjoy the history/cultural aspect of Greece as well as the amazing social scene that they have there.

Hotel or Hostel? Hostel! Hostels are the best place to meet new people to further your journey and diversify your experience.

Top Travel Tip: Say yes! And be open to last minute changes of plan.