Meet Rebecca Lee from UNSW, a girl who admits she’s a little different from the rest but is willing to try everything and anything in life! 

A bit about yourself: Bubbly, crazy and perhaps a tad weird person that really enjoys eating, travelling and watching Korean dramas. I am currently trying to try out more things are experiencing more in life, whether it’d be the social element to University life or the academic sense as well.

Favourite Travel Destination: Taiwan, just because the variety of food there is just amazing and the food culture there is extremely different to Australia in the sense that they have street food and an amazing night life which in Australia it really does not exist.Rebecca Lee

Dream Travel Destination: Mexico would be my dream destination as I have heard about how beautiful it is and how amazing the place is. The experience there is just fantastic, also I really want to visit the hidden beach located at the Marietas Islands, that would be a once in a life time experience.

Hotel or Hostel? Hostel as I think that in order for me to enjoy my trip it would be interesting to meet people along the way, whether it would be locals or other individuals that may also be travelling from other countries. Plus, it would definitely save me a lot of money which I can use for food, souvenirs or my next trip.

Top Travel Tip: Using the small portable glasses case to carry extra money in case of getting your wallet stolen or losing it.