Meet Rachel Adams from Newcastle Uni. She’s happy go, lucky type of girl and has worked at one of the coolest places in the world, Disneyworld! 

A bit about yourself: I have a bright and bubbly personality, I’m always up for a laugh (can get a case of the giggles) and have a can do attitude! I love to travel and have done so independently and with family/friends.  I’m creative, social, responsible and driven.

Favourite Travel Destination: I was lucky enough to work at Disneyworld in America last year and travel to New Orleans! Getting fat off southern food, partying on Bourbon Street, strolling through the French Quarter, learning about Mardi Gras and voodoo – the atmosphere and the Southern hospitality, I felt welcome and at home in a place of crazy differences and constant good times!10999665_10152988897604125_3053645894178488113_o (2)

Dream Travel Destination:  Anywhere in Africa! It’s the combination of the scenery, the wildlife, the idea of trekking and living as the indigenous people do, experiencing a culture that is so different to ours that wins me over.

Hotel or Hostel?  I personally love hostels because you always leave with a good story. The array of people you can meet, friends you make that are travelling solo and sharing of places you should visit. For a student they are definitely cheaper and have always proven to be just as clean and safe as any hotels in which I have stayed.

Top Travel Tip: Find out where the locals go! Travelling just outside of the massive touristy places will lead you to things most people will not see and experience something authentic to that country. Definitely have a bucket list of notifiable must-sees of a country but my tip would be to be prepared to stray off the beaten path.