Meet Helenie Leung from Monash Uni. She’s lived in some of the biggest cities around the world.

A bit about myself:  My motto is ‘Dare to hit the ESCAPE key!’ I am a 3rd year Uni student born and raised in big cities around the world. I love to explore anywhere and everywhere and I am currently saving up to make my travel dreams come true. Believe in dreams and make them reality, you won’t be sorry!

Favourite travel destination: Siem Reap – CambodiaHelenie Leung High Res

Dream travel destination: Prague – Czech Republic / Egypt / Rome – Italy (there’s tooooooo many!!)

Hotel or Hostel:  It depends.. You need to do research beforehand! Don’t plan too much ahead! Some locations are better for hotels as it might be safer and more convenient; however, staying in hostels is a great way to get to know the destination and the locals better and experience the culture in a deeper sense.

Top travel tip: Smile. Going to a foreign location may be daunting, people might seem unfriendly, you may have trouble communicating with locals. One of my best travel tips is to smile to communicate and make contact. This is also the fastest way to make friends as well! Smile is a universal body language and it doesn’t hurt or cost you anything, so why not?