Meet Chelsea Kneale from University of WA. If you feel like getting to know her take her out for coffee!

A bit about yourself: Just another South African blending into Perth. 10 bucks to anyone who can find me without a coffee in my hand. Currently my travel goal is California, partly to explore, mainly for Corgi-Con (moderately obsessed!)

Favourite travel destination: I Chelsea Kneale UWA Photoleft my heart in the streets of Barcelona; apply within to help me go find it.

Dream travel destination: Vietnam, I spent my history lessons fascinated by the tunnel systems.  I probably should overcome my Claustrophobia first.

Hotel or hostel? Call me a brat but a lavish hotel bed is my favourite spot anywhere in the world.

Top travel tip: Commit. Book your tickets far in advance. If saving money is not your forte, you’re probably going to be encouraged by change fees.