Meet Celia Brown from Uni of NSW. She is sport and travel crazy, so much that she travels just to watch her favourite team play!

A bit about yourself: I love my football and my travel so much that I travelled all the way to England to see my favourite premier league team play. The atmosphere was just amazing and a bonus… they won!Celia Brown

Favourite travel destination: Cambodia as the people there are so welcoming, the temples are a sight to behold and the food is just unbelievably good (not too spicy!).

Dream travel destination: Canada as I love kayaking and hiking and the amazing surroundings of Vancouver seems just perfect for my kind of adventure.

Hotel or hostel? I have always stayed in Hostels (or tents) when travelling on my own as it’s a great way to meet people although hotels can be a great escape when you’ve been travelling for a while.

Top travel tip: E-readers are a worthy investment for long flights, long airport waits and jet lag as they can have their own personal backlit screen so you don’t annoy roomies.