Meet Aurora Lee from Melbourne Uni, she’s longing to eat her way through the amazing food in Europe!

ABOUT SELF: I love travelling, seeing new things and meeting new people! I always try to find a celeb when I go overseas, I’m usually unsuccessful.Aurora Lee

I am constantly planning and saving for my next trip. Iould love to travel around Europe soon and see the beautiful sights and taste the amazing food.

FAVOURITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: UK- I love the weather and the cute country towns.

DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATION: Germany and Iceland- I reallwant to go to the beautiful Christmas festivals in Germany and Iceland sounds beautiful and so quiet and unexplored.

HOTEL OR HOSTEL: Hostel, so I can afford more plane tickets.

TOP TRAVEL TIP: Be organised! Keep your most important things safe/close to you at all times e.g. passport, phone, camera.