Meet Hugo Walton from Macquarie Uni. His advice is “travel while your young and fit enough to carry your bags” worry about the mature things later in life!  

A bit about me: I’m a second year arts student majoring in Human Geography and Spanish and Latin American studies. I love linguistics and travel and have so far reached South East, and North East Asia, Western Europe, Scandinavia and, Central and Northern America.Hugo Walton

My motto is: Travel while your young and fit enough to carry your bags and save on transport.

My favourite travel destination: Scandinavia, I love the food, sporting culture and seasonal change.

Dream travel destination: Patagonia, to experience the wilderness and increase my level of Spanish.

Hotel or hostel?  Hotels are great when travelling in a couple and reasonably affordable in areas like south east Asia and Central America, but defiantly hostels when traveling with friends or more pricey areas like Europe. They’re also a great way to make friends if travelling solo.

Top travel tip: You can never pack too light, if you think you have just the right amount of clothes and supplies. Halve it. And only fly with carry on.