Student Travel Ambassadors will be bringing you the latest and greatest opportunities to get involved in everything travel. From photos, videos and stories to finding out the hottest trending destinations, party places and chill out spaces, watch out for them on Campus for some serious travel inspiration!

Holly Haverson

Meet Holly Haverson from RMIT. She’s been bitten by the travel bug badly and is longing to explore more of this world, so she can come home with stories that will last a life time. 

Kaitlyn Poole

Meet Kaitlyn Poole from Wollongong Uni. She’s your girl that will take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way and is always up for learning something new! 

Kelly Brown

Meet Kelly Brown from Griffith Uni, Gold Coast campus. She’s both a winter bunny and beach babe. Don’t ask her to choose a season that she loves the most. 

Zac Ross

Meet Zac Ross from Federation Uni, Ballarat. His number one tip is “don’t be a typical tourist and try to get behind all the locked doors!”

Hugo Walton

Meet Hugo Walton from Macquarie Uni. His advice is “travel while your young and fit enough to carry your bags” worry about the mature things later in life!