Matthew is an accomplished songwriter and a mesmerizing, energetic solo performer from Liverpool, UK who became a global social media personality after an incident on his way to Australia.

Breen was performing an impromptu concert sitting at a piano outside Broderick’s Love Coffee Café at Manchester Airport before boarding a flight to Australia when an armed policeman using his rifle as a guitar, joined Breen in belting out the Oasis song, “Don’t Look Back In Anger”. Breen had no idea that the performance was being filmed by a fellow traveller who posted the video online, sending Matt viral overnight.

What are your top tips for someone visiting Brisbane?

The nightlife needs to be sampled. There are venues everywhere. Make sure you see at least some of them.11027474_867630996668793_7297172981663113517_n

What’s your favourite music festival?

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Best travel music track?

More Than a Feeling – Boston