8 places in New Zealand you can have all to yourself

Today’s blog is written by Kiwi girl, Lola Wright. She’s lives by the mantra of “the weekend is when you make it” and a craving for seeking adventures from coastlines, mountain ranges, lakes and forests. Recently she’s been travelling all around her very own backyard discovering all the hidden gem there is to New Zealand.

High Five those Europe Winter Cities

There’s something about winter that makes me want to walk everywhere; preferably with a hot chocolate in hand, and preferably around a beautiful European city that’s laced with baroque architecture, masses of culture and a mega Christmas market!

So, with so many cities to choose from, which ones would make it into my High Five…

High Five to the best city… New York!

This week, I’m sending a High Five to one of the world’s greatest cities. New York has that rare ability to deliver on a variety of levels. The wholesome expanses of Central Park echo the swollen flows of the Hudson River, while the sounds of Broadway permeate the myriad flavours available throughout the Big Apple.