Winter is well and truly coming despite what the weather girl maybe saying about those balmy mid 20 days in May… That frost is coming and the darkness by 5pm is well and truly knocking on the door. However it is not too late to bail on winter and escape to Europe for some serious Vitamin D for a few weeks or months!

Here are 11 reasons why you need to experience a European summer

  1. 300 out of 365 days of the year the sun is always shining on the Mediterranean – the odds are in your favour that Mother Nature won’t ruin your holiday.
    Cinque Terre Italy.jpg
  2. Eat the real gelato. None of that try hard ice-cream that claims it is gelato back home. Tip: head off the main road, you’ll find the best gelato shops down there.
  3. Hop the Greek Islands til you drop. – There’s between 166 to 227 islands that you can visit
    Greece 1.jpg
  4. Enjoy long days in the sun. Because the sun doesn’t go down until late at night – if you loved our daylight savings, then you’ll love Europe’s more!
  5. Enjoy the simple yet oh so delicious traditional Italian Food.
  6. Party non-stop on the most picturesque island, Ibiza. WARNING: This could send you broke, but it’s worth it. Your bank account will understand.
  7. See some of Europe’s most best-kept secrets, the main one being Plitvice Lakes National Park
  8. Visit the real Kings Landing, Dubrovnik, Croatia. And pray that one day Tyrion Lannister will rule the seven kingdoms.
  9. You’ll never stop learning while you are in Europe. The history of this great continent is so rich; each corner, laneway, main street has witnessed something amazing.
    Celsus Library in Ephesus_ Turkey.jpg
  10. The endless variety, you will never be bored in Europe. From mountains, to the seas, to vineyards and cute little towns to the big cities and iconic monuments.
  11. Last of all if none of the above has inspired you maybe just visiting Santorini and witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world will.

Sunset Santorini.jpg

Craving a European summer adventure now? It’s not too late to book your flights or a Contiki tour if you have too many 




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