Top 7 Glampacking places to stay worldwide!

The most stressful part of planning an entire holiday, is choosing where to stay… You are always second guessing your options and in the end you probably just flip a coin out of two and pick it. But that’s where we come in, we are here to help reduce that stress, here are our top 7 Glampacker (best backpacker hostel) places to stay worldwide.

11 reasons why you need to experience a European summer

Winter is well and truly coming despite what the weather girl maybe saying about those balmy mid 20 days in May… That frost is coming and the darkness by 5pm is well and truly knocking on the door. However it is not too late to bail on winter and escape to Europe for some serious Vitamin D for a few weeks or months!

8 places in New Zealand you can have all to yourself

Today’s blog is written by Kiwi girl, Lola Wright. She’s lives by the mantra of “the weekend is when you make it” and a craving for seeking adventures from coastlines, mountain ranges, lakes and forests. Recently she’s been travelling all around her very own backyard discovering all the hidden gem there is to New Zealand.