Written by Tor, our Creative Director

We are doing #FeatureFriday a little differently today. We are going to show case one of our favourite photographers we have been working with lately… 

We are totally committed to showing you guys a world that is real: full of real people and places and experiences… with all the crinkles and cracks as well as the beauty! This is why we have our own STA Travel creative studio and champion authentic photography, video, writing and music, all crafted by a collection of incredible young travellers, our STA teams and talented creatives we get to meet.

Last month I asked our friend and incredible photographer Ollie Ali if he’d be up for travelling around the world on one of our BlueTicket’s to capture photographs for the covers of our 2016 global brochures. Strangely enough he said hell yes!

san fran golden gate.jpg
Mr Ollie Ali, himself!

How did this all happen?

I met Ollie in September last year, we had just launched STA Travel Sounds and the first band was Skinny Living who have just finished their first headline tour of the UK and if you don’t know them – check them out here.  Ollie was travelling around with the guys, capturing them behind the scenes and on tour, and I was completely taken with his style, his grace and the beautiful realness he was able to capture in seemingly normal spaces and places. As Ollie said “it was almost as if I was just another band member and the camera was my instrument…”

For me, working with young artists – be it music, design, art, photography or film – it is always about the personal connection and the vibe. The trust that you have together and the understanding and respect of the STA Travel brand, that enables the artist the freedom to do their thing and the results to be so right on.

So he is out there now, doing his thing; working with us to show you the world through his lens. Take a look….

SanFran mobile image.jpg
Taken in San Francisco
Wondering the streets of Vietnam
Jade temple.jpg
Visited the magical Jade Emperor Pagoda
ho chi minh.jpg
Ho Chi Minh motorbike craze
Mekong river adventures.jpg
Floating down the Mekong River
table top.jpg
Being almost blown of Table Mountain
cape town.jpg
Chasing the sunsets in Cape Town
Chasing them Hollywood vibes

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