Today’s blog is written by the Gen Y of the office. He is the guy who fell hopelessly in love with the Los Angeles night life and is constantly telling those “this one time in LA…” stories. So we thought it’s about time he wrote about it! Take the floor, Adrian.

I’ll happily admit that I turn into a Lindsay Lohan/Lord Disick hybrid when I travel. It’s like the worlds worse super power. I transform from a check shirt wearing semi-professional into a Frank the Tank style chugging machine as soon as I get on the far side of the Customs wall. I’m like a Super Bowl QB, I leave it all out on the field and that field for me is LA, The City of Angels.


It wasn’t really until I’d been to LA a couple of times that I’d had enough of all the big ticket items like Disneyland, the Kodak Theatre District and all the touristy stuff. Sure it’s great to see, but I’m not one for lining up unless it’s something like Greystone Manor because you’ve just seen Rihanna and her squad head in. I’m more the sort of person that will have a couple of drinks and let the wind (or party) take me away.

There’s a couple of things you need to be know if you’re thinking about LA as a destination. It’s big -sure, but no matter what people tell you, it’s not that hard to get around as long as you don’t get in the traffic. If you’re doing LA right, you won’t be out of bed until midday, so traffic shouldn’t be an issue! You’ll also probably be slightly under the weather, but it’s so easy to recover from your night out because you’ve got places like In-N-Out Burger or the Farmers Market at The Grove to get you back on track.

In-N-Out Burger. Image by @lindsayluv

Mornings in LA are something to forget about unless you’re headed for the Theme Parks or a Hike for your Insta. For me they just don’t exist. It’s all about the afternoons in LA, the beach sunsets or the best rooftop pool you can find and warm ups for the night that’s coming. It might be tequila and fish taco’s in Venice Beach, a wander through The O.C if you’re cool with rich brats, or my preferred exercise, drinks at your hotel rooftop pool. Think The Standard or the Skybar at The Mondrian for those with more money than sense.

Now, the good part! The weather is always so warm that there’s a perennial party feel. Mix that with an insane amount of variety when it comes to eating and garnish with cold drinks and its way too easy to end up completely lit. There’s so much nightlife in LA you’ll never get bored. For me, all roads lead to Sunset Blvd. It’s like the mega hot spot but somehow I can get into places like Bootsy Bellows, 1 OAK or Lure wondering how the hell a travel agent ended up here. Oh well got to get it out of my system before I head back to work talking analytics and acquisition strategies.

hollywood 2.jpg

So for first timers to LA here’s my advice. Make sure you go for at least three weeks. First week, do all the stuff like Universal, Walk of Fame, Tower Records etc to fill your Insta, then lock that shit down and don’t let it out. Second week stock your hotel full of whatever your preferred hang over cure is and leave the phone so there’s no evidence of what’s to come. Third week, head to Malibu. There’s a reason why it’s known as the best place in the world to detox!

So if you’re inspired to hit the East Coast capital up, fall in love with LA just like Adrian did then now is the perfect time to fly there! Check out our exclusive deals with Qantas! 

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