When you think of the Gold Coast, the first couple of things that come to mind are schoolies, theme parks, skyscrapers and crazy parties. However if you look a little harder, you’ll find that the Gold Coast is home to so much more and truly is an incredible place.

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Less than an hour away from the heart of Surfers Paradise is a whole new world… Waterfalls running into natural swimming pools, tree top walks, amazing eateries all hidden in the World Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforest. While we wish we could highlight everything, here are a few of our must do’s.

  1. Walk in the tree tops

Love feeling on top of the world? The Tamborine Rainforest skywalk allows you to walk 40m above the ground for half kilometre. You’ll be able to admire the flora and fauna from the rainforest before coming to a viewing platform of the stunning Cedar Creek. Keep your eyes peeled you may see a platypus!

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  1. Queen Mary Falls

    The waterfall is part of the headwaters from one of Australia’s largest river systems, the Murray Darling. Take the 40min circuit walk which will take you from the lookout to creek below that the Waterfall runs into. This circuit is really a photographer’s heaven.

    image source
  2. Natural Bridge

Put this one on the after dusk adventure list! If you talk to any landscape photographer, they’ll say Natural Bridge is one of their favourite places to capture. Located in Springbook National Park, the Natural Bridge is lit up at night by glow worms that really help make the World Heritage Rainforest truly sparkle.

image source
  1. Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

After an el-natural dip? Venture out to Currumbin Valley Rock Pools. It’s the perfect day trip, with slippery rocks making perfect natural water slides, ropes hanging from the trees to show off how good your “bombs” are. If it’s a little crowded, walk 50m up stream and enjoy paradise!

image source

These little adventures are perfect for a long weekend. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the rainforest, where you can’t hear any city drone in the distance! Sounds like heaven, right??

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