Written by our Aussie Community Mananager, Alice.

Tasmania or as I call my ‘home’ Tassie. She may be small, right at the bottom of Australia, freezing cold some days but she leaves you speechless with her wildlife, local produce and stunning landscape.




Fly straight into Hobart, and make sure you have a hire car waiting to be picked up from the airport because you are going to need it to see this state. Head straight to Salamanca Markets and prepare to have your taste buds blown by local produce. Walk the aisles of the market drooling over food, marvel at some amazing wood work and other handmade products.

image source

Once you’ve spent the morning at Salamanca make your way to the dock and take the ferry up to MONA. Even if you do not like Art Galleries and Museums you’ll like this one, it’s very different and extremely cool. Oh and if you are dragging along your boyfriend tell him there is a winery and a wall of Vaginas – no I am definitely not joking about that it’s one of the museums most famous galleries. And if you fall in love with MONA, why not arranged your afterlife. Yep, you can store your ashes there… how many galleries do you know that offer that? Not many.

If you still have time on your hands, take a drive or a hike up to Mt Wellington! If you are going in Winter be snow ready… you’ve got no idea when the weather will change.


The sun is rising, it’s time to jump in the car and start this East Coast road trip. Get your ultimate road trip tunes pumping and take the coastal route to Freycinet National Park. Should probably mention you are going to want to put on some comfy walking shoes, because you are going on one of the most amazing walks this country has to offer and after you may want to stop in at a winery or two.

Continue on to Wineglass Bay, once arriving you can decided on one of the following walks:

  1. Wineglass Bay Look out Walk – 1.5 hours return
    It is a short walk however can be steep in parts. You will come to one of the most beautiful views overlooking the entire Wineglass Bay. You can then return back to the car or continue on to walk number 2.
  1. Wineglass Bay walk – 2.5 hours return
    After resting and marvelling at how beautiful wineglass bay is, why not stroll down to one of the world’s most photographed beaches.
  2. Mt Amos – 3 hours return.
    This walk will leave you huffing and puffing but you will be rewarded at the summit!


It’s another day of driving along the picturesque east coast of Tasmania. Stop in and have a bite to eat at Bicheno and if you are feeling like adventurous check out the Bicheno blow hole. Warning: don’t get too close, you never know how big the spray can be from the ocean…

I found out the hard way… Bye Bye DSLR Camera 😦

Continue up the coastline to the Bay of Fires, a coastline covered in orange rocks with bright blue water. Seriously, the coastline looks like it has a constant Instagram filter on! If you love seafood then you must stop in at Blue Shed, St Helens, and enjoy some local produce at freshly caught that morning. I am inclined to say it’s the best seafood I’ve ever had!

bay of fires.jpg

Before you know it, it will be time to make the long drive to Launceston to head back to the main land of Aus… This little taste of Tassie will leave you wanting to explore more and you’ll now understand why it is one of the most underrated destinations in the world!

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