Once in a while it’s important that you wholeheartedly experience the culture in the Northern Territory. Nowhere can quite capture the true spirit, power and raw splendour of Australia like the Northern Territory.


For most people, the Northern Territory is dominated by the iconic imagery of Uluru or the image of disgustingly hot weather! A couple of things first please. Firstly, anyone who says Uluru is just a rock clearly hasn’t been (clearly skipped school camp) and no doubt uses this to justify why they never made it off the east coast and over to the Red Center. While we’re not disputing that Uluru is indeed a rock, few natural landmarks possess the sheer power, majesty and cultural significance like this 500 million year old enigmatic monolith.

Until you’ve witnessed the sun rising and setting over the glowing sides of Uluru, it’s difficult to convey its spellbinding and humbling power so you’re honestly best to just go and see it for yourself (a glass of champagne is usually mandatory at any Uluru sunset viewing so there’s another reason right there).

Stretching from the vast sunburnt plains and fantasy geology of the Olgas, Uluru and Kings Canyon, into the teeming floodplains, monsoon forests and tumbling waterfalls of Lichfield and Kakadu National Park, these breathtaking and contrasting wilderness landscapes are tied together by legends of the Dream-time serpents and the ancient spirits of one of the oldest civilisations on earth. And, more usefully as travellers, these great wildernesses are connected by once-in-a-lifetime adventures in 4WDs, a quick flight, or the legendary Ghan train – one of the world’s greatest rail journey or just one epic road trip!

Not really in the mood to drive that far? Don’t worry we don’t blame you. But did you know that there is a train that goes right through the heart of Australia… she’s called The Ghan.

Mapping the historic Afghan camel train route from Adelaide through to Alice Springs and Darwin, this legendary journey resurrects the oft-forgotten golden era of rail travel, bringing heritage glamour, charm and classic luxury to our raw and unforgiving outback. Passing through 2,900km’s of some of the most remote and extreme landscapes, waking up each morning to burning sunrises over spectacular new lands and experiencing the lush tropical wilds across 3 unforgettable days.

Operating in both directions, travel the full route between Adelaide and Darwin with a day time stop in Alice and Katherine, or buy an individual sector between Alice and Darwin giving you time to explore at each end.

Longitude 131, Uluru. Although a truly amazing way to experience the beauty and solitude of the outback, don’t panic, visiting the Red Centre doesn’t have to see you reluctantly crawl feet first into a sleeping bag and tent. One of the ‘Luxury Lodges of Australia’, Longitude 131 offers an incredible once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the essences of Uluru, and arguably one of the most spectacular luxury camps in the world. (Look at it’s heaven… did someone say romantic proposal?)

Floor-to-ceiling glass in the 15 private pavilions allow a rare and personal window onto the changing moods and hues of Uluru, while the flick of a switch draws back the roof canopy to reveal unforgettable outback skies.* With a glimmering outdoor pool, exceptional 4 course dining, and Apple and Bose technology, camping this isn’t.

*We appologies for the serious accommodation FOMO.

Bamurru Plains, Mary River. A remote working buffalo station on the edge of Kakadu National Park, Bamurru Plains gives Australia’s Top End visitors a unique opportunity to avoid the usual day trips from Darwin and immerse themselves in 185 square miles of savannah woodlands, waterlogged lily strewn coastal plains and extraordinary wildlife. Also a member of the ‘Luxury Lodges of Australia’, this ecologically sensitive collection of just 9 safari bungalows exudes wild bush camp luxury, intimate and passionate hospitality, and exclusive safari experiences in one of Australia’s most exciting and diverse wildlife destinations.

Finally after a day of fishing, 4WD or airboat safaris, enjoy contemplative sundowners on your private timber deck before locally sourced gourmet dining and fine wines. We never said the outback was tough… some would actually say she is one of the most romantic places…


We swear by the end of your time in the top end, you’ll have a whole new appreciate for the land we call home! So, what are you waiting for check out our exclusive deals!

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