Remember when you could buy a sausage at Bunnings for a dollar – ah those were the good old days…
There aren’t many things you can buy for a dollar any more however we thought we would highlight a few things you can get for a dollar these days!
Here are 10 things that will cost you one buck! 

  1. You can get 2 soft serve cones from Maccas

    Image source
  2. You can buy about 763ml of Petrol*

    Image source
  3. You can get about 14km’s in the air on a low cost carrier to London


  4. You can buy 2-3 Chupa Chups

    Image source
  5. You can buy a giant Freddo frog from a Cadbury fundraising box

    Image source
  6. You can send an old fashion letter

    Image source
  7. You can rent a farmhouse in Central NSW for a week

    farm house
    Image source
  8. You can buy a $1 scratchie and pray that you win

    Playing a Scratch Ticket
    Image source
  9. And if you do not win… you can find a dollar and buy a box of tissues for your issues from the Reject Shop

Image source

*depends on where you fill up and how much it is.

Okay, so maybe none of that is exciting you but how about this…

10. You can literally get your first night in

How awesome is that, what’s the catch?! You’ve just got to book a flight to London so you can get there! Crazy… right? Plus you get a free Oyster Card. 


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