Today’s blog is written by our Head of Social and Content, Nichol Callaghan, who’s going to share her must visit restaurants in Manchester.

Like most, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I like nothing more than spending my money on eating out in restaurants, whether it’s for breakfast, dinner or tea (the northern way to refer to your meals, also the correct way!) I will opt to eat out rather than cooking at home, resulting in a satisfied tummy and an immaculate kitchen. Having lived in Manchester for 25 years, I’ve come to find a number of places on the must eat at list, and think it’s time to pass this knowledge on.


    Image via @AustralasiaMcr

I feel in love with this restaurant the moment I walked in, and is a must visit spot in Spinningfields on Deansgate. A restaurant that takes themselves quite seriously, where the wine menu is on iPad’s and turns into a late lounge on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is the perfect spot for a romantic meal or celebration, so start dropping those hints to your loved ones, as the waiting list can be quite long.

Address: 1 The Avenue, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AP
Contact: 0161 831 0288;
Prices: you can spend anything from £13.50 to £60 for a main, and from £20 for house wine to £300 for a bottle of champagne
Opening times: restaurant open Mon-Sun 12pm-12am

 Oh gosh, where to start. Anything battered in tempura; the spiced pork, the vegetables. Opt for some seared teriyaki beef, and the salt and pepper tofu – oh my. I need to stop, public drooling appears to be frowned upon.


Image via @BlackMilkCeralDive

Not only does this cereal bar reside in one of my favourite Manchester hangs since I was 15! (Affleck’s palace in case you are wondering!) But they sell cereal, all of the cereal, all day. I think everyone can agree a cereal meal, is the best kind of meal and we are all guilty of getting home from a day’s work and reaching for the Crunchy Nut.


Address: 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW
Contact: +44 7719 325249 ;
Prices: around £6 for three taster bowls, you can also create your own, £4.50 for a shake
Opening times: Mon-Fri 10.30 – 6, Sat 10 – 6, Sun 11 – 9

Check out the menu here but I’d always go for the 3 bowl taster, any cereal, any topping. Krave with Reece’s Pieces, white chocolate mice and chocolate milk is my guilty pleasure.

  1. CROMA

    Croma pizza.jpg
    Image via @cromapizza

If in Manchester, and you get a carb craving – head straight to Croma. I haven’t discovered anything like it, and think I miss it more than I miss my family. A meal here normally ends up as one of those nights that just runs away with you, and you end up staying until the places closes. It’s a great option for families and friends, where everything is reasonable priced and just the right size.

Address: 1-3 Clarence Street, Albert Square, Manchester M2 4DE
Contact: 0161 237 9799;
Prices: Lunch/dinner average Margherita pizza prices start at £5.50,
Opening times: Mon-Sun midday-11pm

I love to test my taste buds here; sausage, egg, black pudding and Worcestershire sauce? Order the Inglese. Chicken, cashew nuts with a yoghurt dressing? That’ll be the Tandoori Chicken.

  1. ZIFERBLAT09-gallery.jpg

As soon as a new ‘quirky’ bar opens, a collective moan is heard throughout the country. We’ve had cocktails in teacups and kilner jars, cat café’s, owl café’s and gin and jam (my latest endeavour). So what makes this bar different? Everything is free. That’s right, free. Cakes, tea, toast and wifi. What also makes this places great, is it’s perfect if you are new to the area – as it’s a local meet-up spot through Reddit or Meet-up’s, and I’ve made some great friends from this little haunt.

Address: 23 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW
Contact: +44 7714 468257;
Prices: Everything is free, you just pay 5p a minute for being there
Opening times: Mon-Fri 8am – 10pm, Sat-Sun 10am – 10pm


In the UK, we have a great show called Great British Menu. It’s my afternoon fix after work where I indulge my ‘wannabe chef’, and often my source of inspiration for new restaurants and new chefs. Enter Aiden Byrne into my life. Quite a fiery character, who has opened a new restaurant along Bridge Street. I was fortunate enough to be taken on a date here, and was extremely impressed. Some may be put off by the massive tables, but I enjoy feeling like Thumbelina. If you treat yourself to something whilst visiting Manchester, this would be my recommendation.

Address: 18-22 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BZ
Contact: +44 161 835 2557;
Prices: 8 course lunch tasting menu from around £80

Opening times: Lunch service is 12 noon – 2.30 pm, Dinner Tues-Thurs 7pm – 9.30pm and Fri – Sat 6pm – 10pm

I only tried the lunch tasting menu, where my highlights are the oxtail and onion brioche and the roasted monkfish. But there are multiple option here, and I’d love to go back and try something more.

Admit it you have a serious case of food envy right now and need to get to Manchester pronto! Luckily, we have some an amazing airfare to get you and some even better activities to fill in time before and after each meal! 


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