Best places to grab a bite in Manchester!

Today’s blog is written by our Head of Social and Content, Nichol Callaghan, who’s going to share her must visit restaurants in Manchester.

Like most, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I like nothing more than spending my money on eating out in restaurants, whether it’s for breakfast, dinner or tea (the northern way to refer to your meals, also the correct way!) I will opt to eat out rather than cooking at home, resulting in a satisfied tummy and an immaculate kitchen. Having lived in Manchester for 25 years, I’ve come to find a number of places on the must eat at list, and think it’s time to pass this knowledge on.

The complete A-Z of backpacking the world.

The world is a big deal. Especially if you’re planning on flying, walking, boating and road tripping your way round it.

As exciting as the prospect of heading out into the unknown is, it’s always good to have a bit of expectation and a bit of a plan. So with that in mind, we’re taking you back to school and teaching you the ABCs, with our complete A-Z of backpacking the world.

There’s definitely some practical points in there, and there’s definitely a few randoms, but as we’re the experts in Round the World travel, we’re just going to go with it…

5 things not to miss in Singapore!

Singapore screams indulgence, excess and a damn good time. There’s so much to do in this spectacular city that you may find your budget runs out long before your energy does.

A real melting pot of Asian influence from all corners of the continent which, among other things, means a huge and wildly varied array of foods to choose from! When you’re not stuffing yourself silly, get out and explore everything you can – even something as simple as a ride on the subway can provide you with a photo opportunity.

Top 5 reasons to book in store with us!

At STA Travel, we’ve been travelling the world since 1979. Over 35 years later, our fashions may have changed but as travellers, we haven’t. We’re still just as wide-eyed with the world and just as bonkers about getting you out there to see it. Here are 5 reasons to stop what your doing and visit us in store to book your next adventure: